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About the Owner

Joe is one of the most unique players you’ll ever have the chance to train with.
US Army Soldier who thought he was a good pool player but didn’t realize at the time, he knew nothing ;)
Talked himself into losing money to former US Open Champion David Howard before finishing his service at Fort Benning GA
Started working full time while going to night school when he accidentally walked into a weekend pool tournament where some of the best players in New England were competing. As he stood viewing the front 3 tables he was thunderstruck when he saw each player maneuvering the cue ball perfectly from shot to shot while playing 9 ball.
It was that moment that Mr. Tucker thought “I know nothing” and immediately started seeking knowledge everywhere he could. By coincidence his very first Accu Stat video match that he watched was Allen Hopkins vs “HEY that’s the guy, the guy from Georgia” David Howard.
That was 1988, in 1991 Joe won his first of 8 Rhode Island State Championships and was on his way to becoming a professional player on the Camel Pro Billiards Series.

About This Site

Any level player can make up a drill and many do, Guaranteed Improvement is not just that book of drills. These drills are what I call core drills that I was using in most of my private lessons many years before the book was thought of. Of the thousands of drills you can use to improve your game some are worth your precise time and some can actually waste your time. I promise to invest your time wisely.

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